Every year, the ASPE Philadelphia Chapter holds Plumbing Design courses. The courses are an excellent way for individuals to expand their knowledge of Plumbing Design while meeting other members in the chapter.

The courses run from September 13, 2021 to December 6, 2021 and are held on Monday nights at 6:30PM virtually via Zoom.

In Plumbing One, learn about Philly, PA and NJ plumbing codes, plumbing math, fundamentals of pumping systems, fundamentals of fire protection systems and much more! In Plumbing Two, size gas piping systems, water heaters, hot water circulation systems, master mixing valves and learn about medical gases in NFPA 99, plus more!

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Plumbing One Schedule | Plumbing Two Schedule

ASPE National conducts several seminars in the Philadelphia area a few times a year. These informative course allow members to gain valuable CEU credits.

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